Magnolia Project (2011-2012)

Magnolia (20min performance, 2011)

Chreography: Emiko Tokai and Marlena Baranik

Magnolia Screen: Emiko Tokai

Conga Drums: Joanna Jankowska


Magnolia's Escape (Installation, 2011)

Presented by Emiko Tokai


Magnolia2 (Installation and 7min performance, 2011)

Choreography and Magnolia Screen: Emiko Tokai

Performance: Marlena Baranik, Joanna Jankowska and Adam Thompson


Magnolia Carcass (Installation, 2012)

Presented by Emiko Tokai



Magnolia leaves that I found in the garden in Falmouth (Cornwall, UK) attracted me deeply for long. The exquisite design of their skeletons reminded me of ‘Gunungan’ that appears in Wayang Kulit, the traditional Indonesian Shadow Play. The combination of the transparent veins and the remains of the opaque parts create complex shadows of each leaf. Their beauty stands out through light, which inspired me to make a shadow play screen of them. I also intended to see what sort of images or movements would be created with the screen at each stage of the process of making it. Throughout the project, this craft work gave me a sense of fulfillment that probably came from the sensation of touching and seeing each leaf closely.