Shadow Meditation (2011)


10-20min Live Performance and Meditation

/Limited audiences per time


Direction and Words: Emiko Tokai

Performance: Ruth Baigent, Minko May, Clare Thomas and Joni Erin 




This is the shadow play inspired by Buddhist meditation in which I emphasize on breath, mindfulness (the Pali word sati), and individual experiences based on the body and mind. I aim to make the shadow meditation a method that anyone can do in everyday life for spiritual improvement.



The Extracts of the Words

(written and read by Emiko Tokai)


Breathe with your whole body, Breathe with lights and shadows.
Lights are breathing, Shadows are breathing.

See the edge that light and shadow encounter

–you are there. You live there.
Feel your breath.


Listen the sounds you make – they touch lights and shadows.
Lights and shadows are feeling sounds.