影絵UMIRA (Kage-e UMIRA)


影絵UMIRA (Kage-e UMIRA) was a performance group which I directed for 2 years from 2002. I aimed to create a new style of shadow play with this group, which was supported by many stimulative members, but regretablly it couldn't continue so long because of my lack of skills and flexibility etc at that time.   


In here, I tried to recreate the repetitive physical sensations in our daily lives so that people could see them in a new way and also tried to reveal the spirituality of them. I showed the process of making contact with natural things like water, flowers, and soil by using shadows on a paper screen with light bulbs.


To give soul to casual movements of light and shadow, what I cared about most was how the performers used their breath to breathe life into the light and shadow. This element also became an important aspect of  my later works.


Empty (2003)

Honey of the Soil (2004)